Monday, 30 March 2015

Lush for Belle Tadah!

As part of moving my creativity forward I have decided to dye a new yarn colourway each month inspired by what is on my needles/hook or by what is about to be on my needles/hook.
 So far a success! 

This month I dyed 'Ode to Cherry' to celebrate moving into Autumn. Cherries I have always found to be the most perfect summer fruit, yet have always looked so 'wintery' in colour to me, all in all the perfect inspiration for an Autumn yarn!

 I also wanted to start getting some winter knits done for my niece and as I am a bit of a sucker for making things for girls in 'not-pink' I cast on a Lush for her immediately. Brilliant knit all round, fabulous pattern, beautiful and clever without being difficult. Great knit! And here are the results... I cant wait to see my niece wear it!  

This project has made me so excited about planning, casting on and working with a new colourway next month. I am having quite a good time really :)

Hope you are all smiling!

Monday, 23 February 2015

The Big Beach Hop!

Why hello everyone! Remember me? It has been a while!
When I was last here it was pre-christmas, I was stressed and a mess. I now return to you rested, tanned and having had one of the most fabulous summers in a long time. 
Our summer has been made up of one massive beach hop, with some fantastic new finds and a sprinkling of the tried and trusted. It started local as we were lucky enough to have school close quite early, so we filled our days with exploring the local beaches we have come to truly love. We built stuff, we swam, enjoyed great friends and ate our fair share of iced cream goods. Local has never been so good!

We did not venture too far for our first stop, Tapapakanga. A simple weekend trip made up of some of the best things in life, good food, water, sand, stumbling upon a local dance group performance and of course cousins. Such a great spot so close to Auckland.

Next we took advantage of visiting my family and popped over to Mt Maunganui for a taste of some of the best beach living in NZ. I was particularly stoked that my wee niece could join us. I think she will fit in just fine with the family, she loved the beach!!

At some point N had to return to work, but the rest of us did not let that stop us! The rascals and I promptly set off to Otama Beach to visit with my parents. The conditions were perfect and between Big L leaning to master the waves and having a fabulous natural geothermal pool to soak ourselves in, we had absolutely no reason to leave the water, so naturally we spent about 6 hours a day swimming! I will always have the most fun and relaxed memories of this great beach.

We then felt obliged to stop in at home briefly and make the necessary preparations for us to set off on the next hop. Oh and collect N of course! But that didnt stop us from checking out a few more local spots :)

Packed and ready to go again we headed off to a new spot for us (revisted for the friends we went with) Papa Aroha in the Coromandel. And it was divine! Lucky to go with a family with a boat we dined on sea food every night, Snapper, Kawai, smoked mussels, and scallops. All of the rascals managed to catch their own fish and dive to discover star fish and sea dollars all over the sea floor.  I even managed to catch a fish! The water varied, some days flat and tropical lagoon like and on others rough and exciting, perfect for a bit of body boarding. Everyone enjoyed sea biscuiting and the men embraced the challenge so much they could hardly lift their arms the next day.  We saw sharks (even a little hammerhead!), stingrays and dolphins! We were so lucky to have perfect weather (only about 2 hours rain in a 9day stretch) which meant that we could explore some of the surrounding islands.
All round a fabulous treat!


Camping life very much agrees with our family. We enjoy nature, we enjoy the simple life and we enjoy each others company. 

My whole life I have been a 'multi tasker'. I can do a lot in a short time, but I am no longer sure that it is a good thing. In finally getting to spend some quality time with my family I realised that while I 'accomplished alot' in the past year I do not think I have accomplished the right kind of things. So I am resolved to separate my work life and family life, not always an easy task when you work from home, but I do need to do it better. This year is my last year of having preschoolers and I want to embrace it. I want to feel less like I am half listening to them or not likely to ever join in their games because I am trying to work and expect them to 'entertain themselves'. 

We have some big plans for our little family this year and for those things to happen I need to be more present.

But over time I have also learned about myself that in order for me to be present in my life I need time to be creative. This past year I have spent alot of time helping others be creative yet not really carving out that time for myself. 

So here is my aim for the rest of this year. I want this blog to be a place that keeps me accountable and helps me to keep record. So from here on forth there will be one post a week about how I was present and how I was creative. Neither need to be reinventing the wheel but they do need to be essential to reinventing my interaction with my family. 

It has been such a great summer but I also want it to be a great year :)
As we engage with new adventures I want to be able to jump in with both feet. 
I want to be present. 

Righto finally ready to start my year and it is only.... almost March!!! Oh well better late than never! 


Thursday, 18 December 2014

Cookie Cutter Decoration Ta-dah!

I do love it when things just come together...

Cookie cutters on an awesome special...
Divine box of Washi Tape and Washi Tape Stickers finally arrive...
Already have pray paint....
Sun shining for the first time in 2 weeks....
Kindergarten teachers need a little prezzie...

Time to get busy!!!
Set out cookie cutters....

Give them a good going over with spray paint...

While waiting for them to dry, get cracking on some rainbows:)

Carefully wrap gorgeous washi tape rainbows onto cutters...

Coming along nicely...

Rainbow cutter ta-dah! I just adore Christmas decorations that are a little bit different :) 

Now that the painted cookie cutters are dry I started carefully running washi tape stickers along the outside of the cutters. The most difficult task was choosing which design to use! 

Ta-dah! I love them! 

Last step is to drill a hole in the top and thread through some string...

All done! 

Add a chocolate, wrap it nicely and you have some happy Kindy teachers....

After having washi tape on the brain for the last while it was just amazing to finally get to play with some! Stay tuned I have some more washi tape adventures planned :) 


Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Looking up

This is my view. 
If you take it at face value, it is a slightly messy deck area, but this is what I see....

While looking at this I am sitting down on my back door step, sitting down for the first time since 7am this morning. I dont know why Big L's pillow is out here, I dont know why the hand towel is on the deck and I am quietly Thanking God for plants that mostly tend themselves (that'll be the stuff that is still alive). 

In the background I can hear my kids eating their loveless meal in front of the tv. 
To be honest I feel a bit tapped out. And quite tired. 

The last couple of months have been hard. I have learned a lot about business, friendship, people and as always mothering. Learning when is the right time to fight and when is the right time to let it go, and accepting whatever comes with that. Learning that people are mean, that is life, but I dont have to be. Being reminded that N has my back and who the ones are that I can trust. 
Knowing that I can trust my instincts. 

I do not mean this to be read as whiny post, rather a commitment to myself that next week this time I will be in a better place. To accept what I cant change and change what I can. 

Done. Next week will be better. 


Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Tick Tock

Today I engaged in two main activities, sorting out clothes that my ever growing children can no longer fit and helping Little L and Little S to fill out their birthday invites. 

My babies are turning 4 in a couple of weeks and I am so not ready! This year they wanted separate invites (Princesses and Spiderman) and wanted to be able to give them to people themselves. They have taken great pride in deciding on the friends to invite, making their lists and hand delivering the invites either to the person or the mail man. It has also been the first time they have insisted on not being treated as 'one'. And even though it was one of my main aims from the start to encourage their individuality, I feel a bit sad. They are just growing up so fast. 

Just look at these delicious bundles I brought home! This is the only way they would sleep for months and I am pleased that they still love each other this much.

Big L on the other hand is not slowing down either. Almost through his first year at school, I cannot believe how much he has learned in a year! He is finding things that he is good at and loves, gymnastics for one, he is a real monkey! And most noticeably has been the physical changes. His feet are huge, arms and legs dangly, and his shoulders just that bit broader. Where has this year gone!? 

He was my first baby love, picture perfect and the start of a great adventure.

I have a heavy heart tonight, time is moving so fast. But I am also incredibly proud. This photo represents both the hardest thing I have ever done and the very best thing I have ever done. I am just so lucky to be on this ride. 


Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Could the holidays get any better?

I LOVE school holidays. I love getting my rascals all to myself and going on adventures. Today was exactly that! Quality time and adventure :) Combined with some solid company! 

Give us a beach any day! We hit our favourite spot, Huia.
Fabulous biking and beach play and the coffee/ice cream is amazing so there is great incentive to play hard! We went on a crab hunt, we made 'families' in the sand, we biked around the dam, we stopped for many snack breaks, we hunted for treasure, played football, and just generally had a great day!
I am often these days just blown away by what good company my rascals have become :)

 Little L devouring an ice cream!

 Big L, one happy little guy- ice cream, football and a dog!

 My most divinely beautiful baby girl! 


And then we ended our day with an easy dinner on the deck out in the sunshine.
 N even came home early! YAY! 

Perfect end to a perfect day! 

I am Lucky