Saturday, 31 August 2013

My very OWN Hand Painted Yarn!!! Wooopeee!!!

It was bound to happen sooner or later and this is a project that I have carefully planned and researched. 
I am fascinated by colour and different colour combinations, the way they make me feel and inspire me to create and since the day I discovered hand painted yarn I have been dye-ing (haha) to have a go myself. 

After months of waiting and finally it is done :)
And I am proud as punch! 

Watch out world of Hand Painted Yarn! Here I come!!!!
I feel all giddy with the possibilities! 

So so pretty!!!

Sunday, 25 August 2013

Baby Blanket :)

I was approached by the owner of Huia Cafe, my most favorite cafe in the whole world, and asked if I would make her a baby blanket for her baby (due any day now!), and of course I need no encouragement to knit so here is what I made her :)

I really really hope that she likes it!!


Monday, 19 August 2013

Cowl-tastic Tadah!!!!

I have been bitten by the Cowl Bug.

After never having made any I have all of a sudden started producing a string of them! And what fun they have turned out to be to make. A short and sweet project that can be as difficult or as easy as you would like. And so useful!! Particular with our bush/beach lifestyle in New Zealand.

My first attempt was for my Dearest Mummy. I had found some amazingly soft merino wool and decided it was just what she needed for the foggy cold winter area that she lives in. The first is a smaller red one using this pattern, a fun easy knit, I whipped it up in the car ride down to see my Mum. And it turned out quite sweet :)

The second one I made for my Mum is a 'wear it long or wear it twisty' one. I actually made one exactly like this in black for a Fellow Twinny Mummy and Dear Friend. She loves it and assures me that I can't even have it back for a photo! I used this pattern. It was a fun lacy pattern without being overly complicated and a quick steam block brings out the detail beautifully. And speaking of cowls I will never get back to photograph, I made this for my Brother-in-law and it has been keeping him toasty warm :)

 The next one I made for myself :) Do you remember a while ago I won some fabulous rainbow yarn from the lovely Jodulbug? Well I finally found a pattern deserving of this to die for yarn! And here it is :)
Fantastic Pattern! I did find it a bit small so made it bigger and gave it a different trim and have worn it non stop ever since. It is so hundreds of thousands of perfect!
What do you think? The yarn couldn't be any more perfect could it!?

 And now of course that I have one nice cowl I just NEED another one! 
Luckily I have some very nice and fancy yarn in my stash at the moment thanks to a particularly amazing score on Trademe and then going halfsies on it with My Knitter Extraordinaire Mother in Law, which made the purchase feel a wee bit less cheeky :)

Knitch- Scratching the Knitting Itch.... I like to just go look at that website and drool sometimes...
But must do less drooling and more knitting seeing as I actually have some of their divine yarn in my hot little hands! This is what I have planned for it :)
Love that rich plummy colour! 

Well there you go. 
I have confessed to all the cowls I have made in the past few winter months. 
Im sure there are worse things I could have been doing :)