Thursday, 29 March 2012

Observing a Creative Genius

I can take absolutely no credit for these wonderful creations. But was thrilled as I observed Big L creating a series of fork lifts in the late afternoon sun, each more elaborate and fantastic than the other. What an absolute treat!

Sunday, 25 March 2012


I absolutely despise Sunday nights. Even after having left school many years ago they still feel like school nights, like the definite end of all fun and relaxing. Usually I have managed to shake this feeling come Monday morning as I settle into the weekly routine, plan our activities and play with the kiddies. Today however despite a strong coffee and getting a chance to spend time with a good friend, by lunch time I still had not managed to 'get my game face on'. So as the kids settled down for their naps (which I wholeheartedly appreciated today) I decided to look through my bag of treats from the weekend to lift my spirits. Oh and how my spirits soared! Check out this loot!

On Saturday morning while N was out cycling the kids and I spent time with a very dear friend of mine. And while the kids pottered around in her garden chasing her cats and eating fruit she surprised me with a present- lucky me! And it is the perfect kind of present too, something that you desperately want but would never buy for yourself, a copy of The Knitter's Year by Debbie Bliss. What a great start to the weekend! I couldn't wait to get some time to myself to have a look through :)

Upon N's return I had the dangerous (mostly only to N's bank account) opportunity to go to a 50 % off yarn sale with a good friend (my idea of heaven!). I could not put yarn into the trolley fast enough, just as well I took some one that knew when it was time to cut me off. I found everything I need for a number of projects that are floating round in my mind- yay! Here are some of my treasures:

Beautiful mauve pink wool for a 'ballerina' style jersey that I want to make for S for winter. Little L is lucky that he has loads of gorgeous knits to be passed down from Big L courtesy of my brilliant mother in law.

Lots of funky colours in my new favourite crochet yarn range- Gelato. For all sorts of Delicious ideas.And thinking some more flowers for the house. Absolutely loving having our own home that I can love and cherish and fill with all sorts of goodies.

I am polka dot crazy at the moment! So when I saw this fabric I instantly knew it was perfect for lining a bag that I am dreaming up in my head :)

Once I had sufficiently adored all my treasures from the weekend I found a new spring in my step. I finally had the energy to get a few jobs done while the kiddies were resting as I dreamed of all my little projects. I had gained so much 'spring in my step' that I managed to sit down for 15 mins before the kids woke with my new book and a cup of tea....

Take that Monday!

Saturday, 17 March 2012

Dream realised!

While out on Saturday searching for crafting supplies I came across an item I have been dreaming of for months... ribbon with adhesive backing!

I returned home practically giddy with excitement! I finally have everything that I need for making MINI BUNTING! And my 'to do board' has never looked better/happier (although I did have to erase the 'to do items' to be able to fully appreciate the gorgeous bunting)...

N who was observing all this excitement quickly informed me that he thinks I might have a problem... but seriously what sort of person can look at these happy flags and not fall in love with MINI BUNTING!

Friday, 16 March 2012

Saturday, 3 March 2012

Happiness :)

After a somewhat drab week I decided that I needed something to brighten up my spirits. It dawned on me as I prepared to eat my lunch on Friday that if I was willing to eat my sushi like a savage with my fingers then I could save the chopsticks as they would make the perfect stems for some happy daffies! Step one, save chopsticks, step two, look up pattern, step three make daffodils :)

So as chilly autumn winds blew outside, spring arrived in my kitchen. I cannot help but smile when I see these happy faces.

I have finally outsmarted hay fever!