Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Whirlwind of Seasons...

I trotted around our Auckland home in jeans and a T-shirt preparing things, packing things, making lists, ticking things off, loading up, for our first Family Snow Trip to Mt Ruapehu, it struck me that the kids dont really know that the snow is actually COLD! They have been making wild plans of snow fights, races, snowy walks, even a Gruffalo hunt, all under the impression that we will be TENTING! But Oh No Rascally people this will be nothing like our usual bathing suit clad camping holidays. It will be cold. "Sure sure" they smile. They have no clue! Oh well, only one way to find out! 

The next morning was the fastest I have ever seen my family get ready and hop in the car! Miracle! Perhaps school could keep a wee bit of snow? We were dressed in every warm and waterproof item of clothing we own, we were ready! And what ensued next was the most fantastic family holiday we have had to date! The Rascals were fabulously well  behaved and honestly, fantastic company! We played, we sleighed, and we embraced the snowy fun that is really only a hop and skip away from our regular sandy shores.

And Boy oh Boy did the weather turn in on for us :) 

We played until we were frozen and dragged ourselves inside to demolish some hot chocolates and the lightest fluffiest scones lathered in jam and cream....

We went for long snowy walks... no Grufallo though much to the Rascals disappointment!

We enjoyed some good old fashioned family fun, board games! And the adults washed it down with some wine ;)

We enjoyed swimming in the  beautifully warm local Geo-thermal pools under the open sky. It even snowed on us while we were swimming! What a magical experience :)

We finished the holiday with one more spectacular day of fun filled snow time before making our way back North towards our home. The further we traveled the more layers we shed and leaving the cold snow behind us. N and I marveled at how far we had come... A mere 3 years ago all we were thinking about was surviving parenthood, now we are actually enjoying it! 

Before we knew it we were back home with a truck load of washing in tow. We arrived home with a happy family and a sea breeze at our back door and some happy little flowery faces in our garden! Hello to our first daffodils! 

So all in three days in the month of August. 
Jeans and Tshirts
Full on Snow Gear
Jeans and Tshirts

Pretty cool country really :) 


Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Some days

Today has been a complete write off. I engaged in some of the worst parenting. I yelled. And yelled. And it accomplished nothing. Apart from breaking down my kids' self esteem. I feel over worked and under appreciated. I guess that is the root of it all. Can hardly blame a 5 year old and a couple of 3 year olds tho can I? Righto something has to give.

So after the school run I decided to 'restart' the day. I was kind to myself and drove to school (it would only have made things worse if I had to jolly along the Wee Rascals to school on foot). Cut up lots of fresh fruit for afternoon tea (gave up on making Little L eat his lunch, it had been 4 hours and we were both just unhappy, so I threw it in the bin), and did lots of 'mummy on the floor playing'. We put on some tunes. We sprawled out in the sun and did some drawing. We built puzzles. We built a eyeball monster factory out of lego. We made some jewelry. And to my surprise slowly, ever so slowly my mood started lifting, even if I had to suppress my Grumpy Mummy Voice at times. My kids are quite fun. Even if they have selective hearing.

The house work is not done. Emails went unanswered. Homework is not done. I just dont care.  We had fun. Little S planned her wedding, with all appropriate jewelry now having been made. Quick lets find a dress! And what about the hair? But who will she marry? Her best friend Natey is not here, Big L will do. Find some music! Rings exchanged. It is done. An afternoon of innocent jewelry making has turned into incest. Not sure how that happened. But feeling a bit more jovial now as they settle in for the evening.

Tomorrow is another day.

Sunday, 3 August 2014

Two Friends, a Bottle of Wine and a Gun Stapler

About 3 years ago now we moved into our house and we couldn't be happier. We have a beautiful home filled with love but the best part of our home is what is across the road, my Bestie :) For the past 3 year we have had a standing date on a Thursday night, Kids Dinner Night. We take turns at cooking for the kids and alternate which house the madness takes place at. We share several cups of tea and more often than not wash it all down with a Glass of Wine - ahhhh how much more bearable this whole mothering business is when you have good company :)

This Thursday however was a first, we decided to mix in a spot of renovation. So having been to the fabric shop earlier in the day and now armed with a staple gun we tackled my dining room chairs. What fun! The fabric is perhaps not my dream fabric but it is 'spill proof' which I figured is much more essential with my Three Rascals. So my dream fabric can wait a couple more years in exchange for easy cleaning :) So, are you ready for the before and after pictures? Here we go....

And after a couple of crazies were let loose with a gun stapler....

 I love it! It has to be one of the fastest 'do ups' I have ever done! I am pleased to see the end of those grubby covers and welcome with open arms my new easier to clean chairs :) 

Yay for a Partner in Crime, Wine and a Gun Stapler!