Friday, 26 October 2012

Happy Kitchen :)

 Recently made a couple of these as 'Flowers of Encouragement' and fell in love with them :) Fabulous pattern by the ever exciting Lucy of Attic24... Such fun!

I haven't settled on where they will live but adore them :) 


Tuesday, 23 October 2012


A little while ago an idea was put into my head and I have been searching for ways to make it come to life ever since. N assures me that the idea is bizarre but I have become completely obsessed with having a giant doily mat in my house... And I want it white... Neither of these are practical with 3 Rascally Rascals but the heart wants what the heart wants...

So while I was away on my fabulous weekend away (Thanks a million N!) I came accross just what I wanted to make this mat from. Strips of nylon fabric rolled into a ball in the purest brightest white... must have must have... must make must make... So what do you think?

For the first time I used my own pattern and I am rather proud of it :) If I can get it all written down I will share it with you later in the week :)


Thursday, 18 October 2012

Spoilt Rotten

N arrived home last night with a package for me full of Lush goodies and a ticket
for me to visit my sister for the weekend.

 Marrying N was the best decision I have ever made :) 
It is nice to have some one on your side

That's me! 


Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Excercising Our Green Fingers :)

 Do you remember a 'little' while ago I shared with you N's beautifully crafted planter boxes? Over the long winter they were starting to look rather empty and sad but that has now all changed! They are filled to the brim with goodies :)

Big Tomatoes
Small Tomatoes
Fancy Lettuce
Lots of Herbs 



So far all the plants are doing well and we have high hopes of summer salads, roast veges, fresh herbs in everything, sun ripened strawberries and even better fresh strawberry daiquiris!

I really want to make and bottle some yummy pasta sauces so we planted quite a few tomato plants :) 

Also we didn't want anything too 'fancy'- so decided to stick to what we love and know will grow easily. Although being the 'forever dreamer' that I am, I can't stop thinking of things to plant- some of which are very fancy...

The chaotic sandpit/play area of the yard actually looks rather pretty now :) It has been fun noodling around and playing in my garden while the Rascals do the same in their sandpit. The Rascals helped N to set up the potting shed properly and planted the first lot of seeds that will hopefully be ready by the time we harvest the first lot of veges, but more on that another day :) My ever productive family members!

In effort to keep things nice and organic I am trying this product to keep the squidgy slugs and snails away- so far so good! Even smells like coffee! 

So what is the problem with this picture? 
We don't have a clue what we are doing...
This is some very new territory for our wee family...

All Wisdom Welcome!!!

I sure am excited though :)


Saturday, 13 October 2012

Poor Sick Little S

I have spent the past week nursing Little S back to health.
Poor sick baby.

Luckily my parents were able to look after the boys, which was great because Little S was very labour intensive. She mostly only slept with me, which I didnt mind because it was my first time with her on her own EVER! She is such a sweet little lady even when she is sick.
I spent countless hours cuddling her while she felt miserable, having her doze in my arms. I just couldn't stop looking at her! She is so beautiful :)
I am one lucky Mamma.

Even luckier now that she is better and I have all my Rascals together again :)
And now I can get on with some of my planned creativeness!

Yay for my Fabulous Parents- they are worth their weight in gold!


Tuesday, 2 October 2012

I Heart this...

Something exciting that I am working on... One of those projects I have been dreaming of for ages and it is finally coming together... Can't wait to show you all!

I think this paper is soooo pretty!