Monday, 28 May 2012

Blanket dreaming...

 For months now my mind has been taken over by the idea of making a cozy crochet blanket to sit under during the cold winter months. The idea of a growing blanket on my knees at night while I crochet keeping me toasty has consumed me. So OF COURSE I decided to feed this obsession by spending my every spare moment looking at patterns, saving my pennies, looking for yarn and counting down the days until I could make a start.... lucky me TODAY was that day!

The colours that I settled on surprised me somewhat. I played with the combination last week and while I thought at the outset that I  would do something vibrant and bright, somehow these colours felt like exactly what I wanted. Warm, cozy, chocolatey and I love the way the white really pops! 

The second the Three Rascally Ones heads hit their pillows this afternoon I set to work. I got out the felt tip and try to match the colours the best I could and mocked up a chart. I felt giddy with excitement as I watched my plan unfold. Ooooooh SO pretty! 

And I even had a chance to set to work and complete the first line before my creative window slammed
shut :) 

A long awaited creative moment. Bliss.


Wednesday, 23 May 2012


I have felt a wee bit frustrated today that I have had SO little creative time recently. N has gone overseas for work (5 nights down, 11 to go!) and so I am spending my time mothering and spent my time prior to his leaving preparing for him leaving, all of which combined sadly does not leave a lot of time for my creative outlets...

So in effort today to improve my attitude I embraced the fact that I had little to no time for making anything but did steal pockets of time to think about and appreciate the GOOD.

1. A clear blue sky/ Stunning winters day. I spent much of today outside soaking up the sun and warmth with my Little Rascally Ones :)

2.  Waterproof overalls. The Rascals were clawing at the door to get out this morning but the grass was still wet out and it didn't matter. Everyone was toasty and dry :)

3. Opening the back door I spotted Chief L's jandals left behind after her visit. And I was again thankful for the fact that she doesn't mind rolling up her sleeves and getting stuck in when she is here, whether it is with grandparent loving or hanging out washing :)

4. Clothes drying in the warm winter sun rather than the dryer :)

5. Home made soup and homemade bread for lunch, neither made by me which makes it all the more a treat!

6. Good fun/easy entertainment. It never ceases to amaze me that bubbles can provide such extended fun for the Rascals. Big L is turning into an expert bubble blower!

7. These slippers were so tricky to make. So many pieces to sew up, something I neither enjoy nor am that wildly good at! I am so pleased that Little L just ADORES these! My heart melts every time catch him walking around staring at his feet :)

8. Watching Little L and Little S exploring the garden with a doll stroller. They spent much of the time transporting leaves around and each other! Little Darlings they are :)

9. A lovely friend coming round with takeaways! The Rascally Ones gobbled it up and I got to spend a few minutes with my kind friend :)

Well that is not bad for a days work :)

Monday, 14 May 2012

Rainbow Suprise :)

After a rather full on morning with the Three Rascally Ones dodging rain and playing our hearts out at playgroup, I managed the kindy drop and by the time I got home Little S and Little L were in the throws of some spectacular meltdowns. So quick like a bunny I made bottles changed nappies and got them to bed. I could literally feel the crazy energy leave the house and welcomed the calm. Just then another big down pour started, so I made a mad dash to the letterbox to rescue the mail feeling a bit worse for wear, soaked to the bone for the third time this morning. But OH MY! I was warmed to the core when I realised what was waiting for me in the mailbox!

I little while ago I was lucky enough to win some hand dyed yarn- the fancy stuff! And it had ARRIVED! Look at this!

I ripped that package open to find such amazing rainbow deliciousness! The colour is vibrant and fun and very quickly made me forget my woes :)

And then just when I thought it could not get any better :) RAINBOW BUTTONS! OH MY OH MY!

                                   LUCKY LUCKY LUCKY LUCKY LUCKY ME ME ME!
                                                        Thank you Jodulbug Creations!

Find this lady on facebook, admire and buy her fabulous yarn- I certainly am saving my $$$ to be able to add to my stash :)

So with my new treasures tightly gripped I am ready for whatever the afternoon holds.


Saturday, 12 May 2012

Auckland Half

According to the website the Auckland Marathon promises to not be 'just a run... but an experience'....
Eeeek! In effort to challenge myself I have signed up for the Auckland Half Marathon and cannot describe in any ladylike language how nervous I feel about it. 

Firstly you should know something about me. Despite over the years trying to convince myself that I enjoy cardio exercise I have come to the conclusion that I don't. I don't get the endorphin high... it just hurts! Perhaps I have never been fit enough to really enjoy it? But as I get older I have realised that I do need to care better for my body and my heart and would like to set a healthy example for my little Rascally Ones regarding exercise. 

168 days 10 hours 10 mins to go
N the resident exercise pro has worked out a program for me and it started this week.
My body is sore.

Here is to hopefully not dying!


Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Arty farty weekend

We enjoyed a fantastic weekend away at my parents. The weather was BEAUTIFUL! Not a cloud in the sky and the rascally ones were taken with a bout of contentedness :) Ahhhh bliss! Little S finally had enough adults around her to have a constant reading partner. Big L rode the tractor like a pro, baked and wreaked havoc. And with everyone occupied Little L got to do the thing he loves best, embark on one mischievous exploration after the other. Which left me to my own devices..... :)

Well firstly I got to enjoy some mother/daughter time :) We went to an Art Gallery close by for the 'Happy Days Mixed Media Exhibition' WOW! What amazing artists NZ has! The Manuka Beehive Board Prints by Daniel Kirsch were some of my absolute favourites along with these DARLING little metal and resin hanging dresses by Jo Wilson . Oh how I wish I knew how to whip up some of those!

The main reason for going naturally involved BUNTING! As always :) Beautiful work by Kylie Law a series entitled 'Celebrations' It was a lot darker and 'busy' than I imagined it would be, but I was glad to have gone to see it all the same.

And of course we stopped in for a coffee at the Punnet- yum as always!

As if this was not all enough of a treat I got to spend some time in my mum's art studio developing some ideas that I have been playing around with, mainly 'miniature gardens'. I made a miniature daffodil recently as a present and fell in love with it and have been dreaming about a miniature garden ever since :)

Here is what I have planned.... A four piece installation... and here is the first piece... Not sure if it is finished yet... still dreaming...

Must remember to do some mothering/wife-ing.....


Wednesday, 2 May 2012

A moment in the sun :)

Despite a somewhat rocky start to the day this afternoon Big L returned from Kindergarten full of beans and Little L and Little S woke from their nap with smiles on their faces :) The sun was shinning and I could literally feel our household breathe a sigh of relief and relax. We have had messy/snotty/coughy/no-fun sickness in our household this last week so this moment was golden. I spotted out of the corner of my eye some yarn that I had gotten out to show someone yesterday and without hesitating I snatched it up, grabbed a hook and headed out to the sun warmed deck.

I got this yarn (100% bamboo) a while ago because it was on a super special ($2!!!!!) and have been itching to get a chance to do something with it to see how it looks. So this combined with some ideas I have for transforming our bedroom I set to work mocking up a flower. And I feel really pleased with how it looks!

For what I have planned I will need to make these in different sizes. This one I imagine will be the medium sized flower. Once I am done I will write up and post the pattern, I doubt it is new/unique but it is a useful/easy flower pattern. I love the way the colours work and the yarn is so amazingly nice to touch :) I enjoyed every minute of my hooky/sun time :)

Now this all sounds very luxurious but I should point out that while I sat there a war raged around me regarding the unfair distribution of teddies. In the process Little S managed to kick over my cup of tea, which Little L proceeded to try and clean with the broom. Nice :) They keep me grounded :)