Saturday, 17 March 2012

Dream realised!

While out on Saturday searching for crafting supplies I came across an item I have been dreaming of for months... ribbon with adhesive backing!

I returned home practically giddy with excitement! I finally have everything that I need for making MINI BUNTING! And my 'to do board' has never looked better/happier (although I did have to erase the 'to do items' to be able to fully appreciate the gorgeous bunting)...

N who was observing all this excitement quickly informed me that he thinks I might have a problem... but seriously what sort of person can look at these happy flags and not fall in love with MINI BUNTING!


  1. You DO have a problem... but I admire you all the same :)

  2. Bunting! I love bunting! Now I want some for my noticeboard...

  3. xxx i agree with 'N' but tootally am envious!

  4. Bunting! YAYAYAYAYAY!!! What would N kNow?? NothiNg!