Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Little L

Little L, my Little Boy Love. The Rascaliest Rascal that ever lived. He spends his days finding sneaky places to hide, forever testing the boundaries of what spaces he can manage to fit his head into :) As well as how close he can bring his mother to a heart attack Im sure!

A few things Little L has accomplished:
* Leave Mainly Music in the basket of another lady's pram
* Be shut in the dishwasher by Little S- although I am sure he climbed in willingly
* Create a Little L sized shape in one of the Hedges- he likes to sit there with only his feet exposed!
* Have a little break from his siblings tucked in behind the books in the bookshelf
* Create a perfect little playing space in Big L's cupboard
* Climb the big bookshelf like a ladder to play with the CD player- Eeeek! I just thought the CD was skipping!
* He spends his time at playgroup each week inside the toy washing machine
* Got his head wedged in a sliding door at a friend's house- hard to explain but scary all the same!
* Been trapped behind pretty much every couch he has ever met :)

I am sure the list will only continue to grow but glad that he has the right kind of cheeky smile to get him out of every tricky situation. He really is the Rascalliest Rascal.  Even as a wee baby!

When I first found out that I was expecting twins it was only early days (5weeks pregnant) and I was warned about Vanishing Twin Syndrome and to prepare myself as it is quite common. But although in my wildest dreams I never wanted twins, once I was told that I had two babies and one might simply disappear I wanted that extra baby like I couldn't explain. I knew without that extra baby my life would never be the same again. But as much as I wanted that extra baby there was not a second that I did not feel completely overwhelmed in my pregnancy. This has pretty much constantly been the dynamic of my relationship with Little L. I want him, I couldn't live without him, but I am overwhelmed with the hard work that he has been. Nothing has come easy with him. He has spent a lot of time being unwell and I have seen more of hospitals since his arrival than I have ever previously. But I am lucky to have him. I couldn't be without him. And this drives me.

So as we prepare for a hospital stint tomorrow I have a heavy heart but also a hopeful heart as he will hopefully be feeling SOOO much better. I pray for his well being, talented doctors, and a speedy recovery. He is so little but I imagine I would feel like that even if he was 30. Forever my baby. So I am packing books and toys to entertain him. And yarn to make something for him :)

Big L and Little S will be spending a few days with my parents- a very exciting prospect for them indeed! I think I feel the most nervous about separating Little L and Little S for the first time than  they do! I hope Little S will cope without her friend!

                                       Little L and Little S-  BFFs. They sure make a fun pair!

Monday, 27 August 2012

 The second I saw these I knew my week was suddenly looking up, despite it already being Friday :) Thursday had left me with this awful *kicked in the teeth* feeling so when I saw these I snapped them up quick like a bunny. They are perfect for my collection and their bright flowery faces were just what I needed. I successfully fought off little hands dying to have a go all the way home (I felt a wee bit silly for not wanting the Rascals to actively adore my treasures as I did buy them in the kids section but surely I am allowed a few guilty pleasures in life). They fit perfectly with their friends :)

These friendly additions to my treasure collecting set a wonderful tone for the afternoon. Post shopping the Rascals and I continued on to have a picnic lunch with N much to everyone's delight. There is a great wee duck pond which Little L promptly decided was a fab swimming spot :) After much watery picnic delight and nervous gasps from N and I, the Rascals and I then continued on to Hamilton and left N behind for the weekend to study.

As I started the journey with the Three Rascals and knowingly leaving N behind I felt a familiar stress/sadness creeping in. But the drive was actually great! The Rascals exhausted from their watery picnic slept the whole way and I had a chance to listen to some music and ponder and reflect on a bit of an overwhelming week, and by the time we arrived I felt like I had time to process things and get my game face on :)

As we drove down the driveway I noticed that just as I had predicted last visit the blossoms were out to greet us and as we got out the car the sun felt warm. So much so that the Two Little Rascals did not want a bar of putting on pants (the old ones had to be removed due to the watery picnic) which suited me just fine as I happen to think that Gumboots and Bare Legs is just about the cutest look on toddlers ever! Their snazzy possum vests topped the look off perfectly!  

 The Rascals raced around looking for chickens, building sandcastles, playing on the slide, and running up and down the hills. They searched through the vege patch and fruit trees to see what was on offer and of course greeted the Scare Crow :) I happily pottered around after them and soaked up the sun :) Before we knew it we had been there for and hour and a half and not yet made it indoors!

Afternoons like these it really is not bad being a stay at home mummy :)

Monday, 20 August 2012

A Cosy Moment...

On Sunday night while it stormed outside I tucked in under a blanket on the couch with my newly washed Rascals in warm PJs and watched a movie together. Big L was delighted with this Family Activity! The wee Rascals' short attention span prevented them from fully engaging in the activity but were happy to read one story after the other curled up on my lap :)

And then once the Rascally Ones were snuggled up in bed for the night I got to sit down and work on something pretty for a new pretty little lady :) I have since finished this project and cannot wait for to give it to her! Then I will post a picture :)

I am thankful for 3 Beautiful Rascals
For a warm house on a stormy night
For Family Fun
For creative energy

I am Lucky

Wednesday, 15 August 2012


Hellooo! It has been a while, I would like to say that is due to me taking some time to rethink my priorities, which was my intention, instead I shamelessly and completely got hijacked by the Olympics. I have particularly loved having the Little Rascals watch with me as they got right into it! Weightlifting (!!!!) has been the big hit, we have had many weightlifting competitions instigated by Big L.

I have also spent a lot of time running, thinking about running, thinking about not running, being scared of the half marathon, nursing a sore knee, and then running some more... Still feel my stomach drop when I think about what is ahead. What was I thinking!? Hopefully a tick off on the bucket list :) This week I am heading into a full on 9/10 weeks out training schedule... wish me luck! Please!

I have also been frantically hooking, knitting, and painting in anticipation of various birthdays coming up (my Littlest Rascals included- eeek! Can't believe they will be 2 soon!) and of course Christmas in hope to not be a complete nut job around Christmas time and actually being able to enjoy some time with my Far Away Sister and the Rascals :)

I also managed to sneak away for a first ever completely frivolous, self indulgent, vino filled girls weekend away! And it was amazing :) We ate good food, visited markets,crafted and gossiped- Bliss! And even indulged in a spot of Stitchopoly for a laugh :)

While there have been many good things in the past month I have found myself feeling heavy and weighted down with the load of every day life and Three Small Rascals. I have had to work a bit harder than normal to turn my frown upside down :) So it was a relief to see some hints of spring while at my Parents house in the weekend :) Great bike ride with the kids, flowers galore and some fantastic sunny spots to soak up the sun, a good run, and a bit of hooky work.

I look forward to in a few weeks being able to go down and perhaps see these Gorgeous Blossoms in action :)

As always I have had made time for my Blanket Love <3 I am nearing the end now, sadly. I have never SO thoroughly enjoyed a project- every line has been absolute bliss. It will be hard to replace this project with an equally lovable one :)

I have also been working on a Cute Flowery project for the dining room table- I saw this pattern and just had to have it! Stay tuned I think it will be a goodie!

And finally I was so excited to finally be able to cast on one of my first projects from this delightful Debbie Bliss book (I ADORE it!) So many good things in there- I just haven't known where to start! It is looking SO Pretty/Funky- the colour combo is just right. It is for a pressie tho so therefore is Secret Squirrel Business for a little while yet!

Excited to have so many creative things going on at the moment, just hoping for a wee bit more energy for all the Regular Ole Stuff and for a Happier Knee...

Hope you are all smiling :)