Friday, 24 May 2013

Getting Through

Two Things have helped me get through to the end of an exhausting week.

1. Finishing and Blocking the front panel of N's Vest. 
Feeling so so pleased with how it looks! I was very afraid that that it would look a bit like a craft project...

2. The prospect of getting out for a quiet run this weekend. This is my favourite run by far- 10km of Beautiful Native Bush complete with sea views- Bliss! I love where we live! 

Fingers Crossed for a Better Week next week....

Hope you are all smiling :)


  1. The vest front looks perfect! Hurrah for blocking.

    1. hurrah for blocking indeed! Made such a difference :) In fact grafted the front and back together tonight... almost done!!!

  2. That looks amazing - so cool! Wish W would wear something I made him ... did him a jersey a few years ago and it's been worn only a couple of times .... think I'm going to undo it and re-claim the wool (nice machine wash stuff).

    1. Re-claim the wool I say! N better wear it, it has not been a very fast paced project :)