Wednesday, 26 June 2013

A City Experience

Today's excursion was pretty much the opposite to our regular outing. We traded in our Quiet Bush Life for a Bustling City Experience. The day started with much excitement yet no one going anywhere fast. How do kids just seem to know when you have a deadline and have to make it to the train by 9:24am!? Once they realized that we were on a tight schedule they promptly engaged their brakes and made every minute leading up to the exit from the house feel like a year-ugh. I could feel my own excitement fading fast, but a few deep breaths in the car and I was back on track. Voyager Maritime Museum here we come! 

I would like to say that the train ride was more relaxing but alas I cannot. Thoroughly enjoyable for the Rascals but not relaxing for The Mother. So much to see and so many seats to bounce around. It certainitly reminded me that to the Average Inner City Worker my life sure does seem bizzare. Walking around town we dropped more than a few jaws. (My dear friend and fellow twin mother joined us so we did have four 2 years olds and Big L- pretty spectacular!)

Once we arrived in town I felt a desperate need to search out some refreshment and lucky for us N had a break in meetings so he came to join us. Yum. Caffeine in and ready to roll again! 

Feeling refreshed we made our way to the Voyager Maritime Museum (free to all Auckland Residents- not bad!) admiring some fabulous Sail boats along the way. The Rascals were suitably impressed with all the 'Pirates' that live in the City. The trip through the actual Museum was fantastic but brief, the Rascals sure do not allow time to read anything, bouncing from one exciting thing to the next, including an actual ship to play on! Another delightful discovery at the end was a wee sandpit and rowboat. Splendid morning indeed. 

Coming home to this morning's 'rush out the door mess' was not pleasant and it took most of the afternoon to get on top of house cleaning, but the reward was some lovely friends for a play this afernoon. 
Can't complain really.

Tonight's glass of wine was a bit larger than usual and my body feels a bit more tired than usual. 
Looking forward to heading back into our quiet familiar surrounds tomorrow. 


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