Friday, 19 September 2014

My new obsession...

If you have been following my blog at all then you will know that I LOVE presents. In my opinion 'more is better' and 'as often as you please' when it comes to presents. I cant get enough of them. 
So it goes without saying that a fair bit of research usually goes into my present buying process, because I like to get it just right.

 My babies will be turning 4 soon (I know! 4! Where has the time gone!) and so I have been thinking and researching presents over the past few weeks. Little L is easy, from they day he could communicate with us all he talks about is Fire Engines and his attitude is very similar to mine in regards to presents, 'more is better' and 'as often as you please'. So with his present it was more about searching for the right price and it is all now sorted :)

 Little S on the other hand, what a dilemma! She is not a super girly girl that I can get something hideously pink and she will be over the moon but she is not such a tom boy that I could get her a football and she would be stoked either. She is what I would call in the healthy middle, very similar to her own Mamma. She is however very into nurturing at the moment so I have been searching along those lines. But alas I have come up short. I loathe to have more plastic in my house and have not yet won the lottery so am unable to get the other options.

Then this week I accidentally struck GOLD thanks to a lovely friend. Here I was sipping coffee and dining on Lemon Coconut Cakes (YUM! Some people are worth knowing!) in her kitchen when she dropped this divine book on my lap My Crochet Doll by Isabelle Kessedjiam. 
I oooohed and aaaahed over these pages and then it dawned on me that this is my perfect birthday present solution for Little S! 

I raced home and searched through my supplies and to my surprise I have everything I need! Is it a sign? Sure! So I got cracking....

I started making Little S's doll but before long I gave in and moved on to the part of the project that truely won over my heart... the suitcase... Look at these pictures! What is not to love....
The most snugly bed for a gorgeous doll!

Complete with a pillow and granny square blanket and a secret compartment to store her undies... swooooooooonnnn...

I happened to have some gorgeous fat quarters in my stash from my darling sister from my birthday and the perfect cotton to match....

Then I blinked and I had made this! To go with an apron and a tea set of course :) 

Honestly I am in creative heaven at the moment and I thoroughly look forward to the evenings where I can get stuck into this project. Cant wait to show you the rest of the treasures from this most fabulous book! Get ready for a pretty decent Tadah very soon!