Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Pick me Up

Our wee family has been sucked into a pit of sickness of late- 8 weeks or so, not to be unexpected with three kiddies 3 and under but Sucky non the less. After Really not a lot of sleep in the past week (on top of Little L's regular insane nights) I truely was starting to feel INSANE! But today I finally caught a break, two in fact! (Actually three if you count the fact that no Little Rascally One threw up today!)  N out of the kindness of his heart took pity on me and took a sick day to help me with the Rascally Ones, which has been beyond amazing! And as if that wasn't enough a Care Package arrived from my Darling Sister :) Filled with both deliscious tasting and smelling treats! Oh my oh my!

Let me show you!

My heart leapt with each exciting item that I took out of the package! Chocolate, shower scrub, bath soak, kiwi hand and nail lotion, and the most fabulous lip balm!

The card alone was so happy and bright that I felt all glittery inside :)

And the Lip Balm! Not only does it smell divine (Lychee my favourite!), feel amazing, but just LOOK at the container! It is beautiful! I imagine that I will keep it long after the lip balm is all used up :)

Thank you N and Thank you Darling Sister.
I am lucky to have you both!



  1. I think if anyone deserved three breaks today it's you, lady! That lip balm does look amazing. Also, my husband talked to your Mama and next time you venture down this way you must let me know and we'll plan an outing - either with or without the kids!

  2. Aww I'm so glad that you love your care package... I thought you definitely needed AND deserved a pick-me-up! Loving this blog!! xox