Thursday, 5 July 2012

Zoo and Friends

After a self imposed vacation from 'blog land' due to being quite down/sick/tired/desperate and not wanting this to become a forum for whining, I am finally in a better head space and have something truly worth reporting. A Fun and Friends Filled Day at the Zoo :)

I am the luckiest person to have been blessed with the parents that I have. They support me endlessly, love my children dearly and I think really are an example of the Perfect Grandparents. And as a result of their goodness I had the rare opportunity to take Big L to the zoo by himself today to meet up with some Dear Friends.

I met my Dear Friend through a coffee group after Big L was born and Big L and her daughter became great friends from day one as did we :) They are only a few months apart and so together my Dear Friend and I laughed and cried together through the various stages they went through. We used to waddle around after Big L and E together when we were pregnant and again laughed and cried together as we experienced what it is like to be a mummy to more that one Little Rascal.

So today as the fog lifted from the zoo and a BEAUTIFUL day emerged my Dear Friend and her two Rascals felt like the prefect company to be spending our Zoo Day together with :) And with a little less crazy running around after Rascals than usual I even had time to take in some of the beautiful views. I love it when winter surprises you with a splash of soft colour :)

 Once everyone had a sufficient run around we settled down to a picnic morning tea. We laid out a colourful picnic blanket and covered it with Delishious Goodness :) Fresh Scones with Jam (Jam made by My Parents Blackberry and Vanilla- YUM) and Cream. I adore seeing little plump hands enjoying morning tea, fingers covered with jam and cream, mouths busy and silent enjoying the delisious food :)

And the mummies even had a cup of coffee :) The food was great and made better only by the great company and a more relaxed chance than normal for chit chat and laughter.

I am so richly blessed
With Great Parents
With Great Kids
With Sunshine
And when I live far away from family, a Dear Friend.


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