Saturday, 13 October 2012

Poor Sick Little S

I have spent the past week nursing Little S back to health.
Poor sick baby.

Luckily my parents were able to look after the boys, which was great because Little S was very labour intensive. She mostly only slept with me, which I didnt mind because it was my first time with her on her own EVER! She is such a sweet little lady even when she is sick.
I spent countless hours cuddling her while she felt miserable, having her doze in my arms. I just couldn't stop looking at her! She is so beautiful :)
I am one lucky Mamma.

Even luckier now that she is better and I have all my Rascals together again :)
And now I can get on with some of my planned creativeness!

Yay for my Fabulous Parents- they are worth their weight in gold!


1 comment:

  1. Yea, we definitely have the best parents in the world! I'm sorry little S was sick. Mum and dad told me. I hate it when your little ones are sick. Showed your blog to a friend and she loved it, thought you were very creative. I just sat there and beamed. =)