Thursday, 8 November 2012

Garden Update

So far the Vege Garden Experiment is....... a SUCCESS! Everything is flourishing and looking great... and tasting great! The Perpetual Spinach is the first that we have been able to eat. Daily Spinachy salads- YUM! I have also really enjoyed cooking with fresh herbs everyday :) Yum Yum Yum! 

I have had to put some bird netting over the strawberries as there are lots of berries starting to ripen and we want them all to ourselves :) Oddly enough I have also had to put bird netting on the Fancy Lettuce as the ducks adore it! The ducks keep the plants trimmed right down to the ground!

The tomato plants are growing growing growing.... with lots of flowers starting to appear! 

Carrots and Beets are looking very happy indeed. I have so many delicious plans for the beets that I am starting to think that I might not have planted enough....The Rascals are very curious about what is happening underground with the carrots, as am I to be honest! I think the process of pulling a carrot out of the ground fascinates them- I can't wait for harvest day!

New to the Vege Garden Family.... Rocket and Sugar Snaps! There are six very healthy looking Sugar Snap Plants so I'm hoping for a healthy harvest :) I really adore those! 

Our daily Spinach and Parsley harvest :)But today it is not destined for salad, instead...

I made Spinach and Cashew pesto for tonight's pizza! YUM! Bring on dinner time! 

The organic snail and slug repellent has also been VERY successful, even keeps the cats away. The one week I forgot to sprinkle it on the plants a cat decided to sleep on top of the herbs at night- grrrrr! Luckily for the cats sake it has not returned since I put more on the plants....

Turns out producing your own food is a real buzz!
Lets hope all the plants survive another month!


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