Thursday, 22 November 2012


 Phew... It has been busy busy busy round here lately! I am cheekily starting to think that my life has gotten so busy recently that I don't think I will ever be able to go back to work- how will I find the time!? You know,  when I am so busy hooking, knitting, sewing, mothering, planting, harvesting, cooking, becoming an expert sandcastle builder, making presents, baking, trying to get ready for my next half-marathon, taking advantage of the beach... All of which is essential to life of course! But more than the usual chaos the closer we get to the end of the year the more I feel like a mouse running on a wheel desperately trying to keep up.

Big L has his first Kindergarten Gala coming up this weekend and he is Oh So Excited! He will be competing in the Challenge-a-thon and has even managed to get a few sponsors :) I think it will be a great day but has added a bit of baking, making Jolly Jars and completing some 'duties' to my to do list. And so my Mousy Wheel keeps spinning...

Little S and Little L have also made the Big Move to BEDS! It has been tricky. I'm working hard to understand the way Little S works, to know how to be a good mum to her. But she is stubborn and loves to to encourage Little L in all things crazy. So the evenings here have turned into somewhat of a circus. When we were packing down the cots I had a bit of a weepy moment, last time ever a Little Body of mine will sleep in there. Even thinking about it now I feel a tad choked up. Time is just ticking by, they are only getting bigger. I enjoy them so so so very much that I get a wee bit scared at times that it will change. I'm hoping that every phase they go through will be at least as good as the last if not better. Will I still enjoy them this much when they are 10? 15? 30? The Mousy Wheel only keeps spinning...

I am also furiously working on various Christmas Projects. I want to create some sort of interactive/fun/play with nativity set. I have been making presents galore, working on funky Christmas decorations, and have plans for a knitted Christmas tree (don't laugh!)... I guess my little Mouse Wheel is not slowing down here either...

So in attempt to take time to appreciate the 'Slower Living' aspects of my life I decided to pull together some photos of the quiter moments in the past week or so...

I am ABSOLUTELY loving the warm sunny evenings! We all eat out on the deck (it is amazing how dining Al Fresco can make even the most boring family meal taste great) where there is no need for obsessive wiping down. Post dinner the Rascals generally strip down, spend a bit of time in the sprinkler and then head for the sandpit for some serious work time. Oh My we have gotten good at making castles, digging tunnels, constructing roads, creating dinosaur habitats, all while enjoying the warn evening sun.

I have had time to put in a trellis for the Sugar Snaps, which are coming along nicely :) And every evening we are enjoying salads made it our own lettuce and spinach, as well as yummy pesto!

The Rascals have helped me to clear out another part of the garden and create another nice spot for some more vege/flower growing.

Everything in the garden is thriving! It is such a pleasure to see that. I cannot wait to harvest these carrots and beets- I have such great plans for them!

 This photo is not as suspicious as it looks.... I have had my first SUCCESSFUL trail of drying herbs. Yum Yum!

 And I have completed my fist batch of Christmas Decorations! I am so please with them! I decided to hand sew them as I wanted to be able to spend time with N in the evenings or sit out on the deck and work on them. I think this weekend the Rascals and I will go about putting them up all over the house :)

I love looking back at the past few weeks and seeing that despite everything feeling crazy busy I have started learning how to carve out some Slow Living time in our lives. I really do think we are better off for it:)

I hope the feeling of crazy spiraling busyness is not mutual and that you are all taking the end of year in your stride :)


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