Saturday, 19 January 2013

The Year of Top Sheets

I have had such a cruizy past couple of months. Don't get me wrong the kids have kept me plenty busy! But I have allowed myself time to go with the flow, to simply follow the kids interests. In a lot ways it really goes against my nature as I am a very structured person, but I can wholeheartedly say that I did not regret it for a minute! Our days mostly consisted off:

* lazily lying in bed chatting, laughing and telling stories until the kids need for breakfast became so desperate that we had to make our way down to the kitchen.
* slothing around in our pjs making plans for the day
* no matter what the plans were most days we ended up on the beach, at the pools, regularly joined by friends. The water slide also got a good workout :)
* late lunches and naps
* late dinners on the deck and an equally late bedtime.
* quality time in the garden
* Making and creating

It has been good.

But alas all such good thing must eventually come to an end....

As last year was my first year of setting realistic new years resolutions and managing to complete them (run half marathon and start vege garden) I have decided to try again this year. So as the relaxed luxury lifestyle nears the end and the start of kindy fast approaches , I feel that it is time to get serious about one new years resolution in particular.

Learn to Love Housework

This is the year that I am going to start learning to do what I need to do when I need to to it. Time to start being an adult. And there sure is nothing like a birthday party to motivate me to set this resolution into action. So as we kicked off the birthday celebrations this weekend I did it with knowing that the house was clean, looked great, and washing was up to date. I had even for the first time in many MANY moons bothered to put a top sheet on our bed, because it seemed like a particularly adult sort of thing to do. 

With all those boxes ticked it left me to enjoy time with Big L, my Big 4 year old, where has the time gone!? He was so sweet in his simple requests for Birthday Happiness. A flying machine, a Rocket cake, "gumballs with a piece of string that goes into your mouth like a walky talky man so that you can go under the water"/ goggles and a snorkel! I love that little boy so dearly, he is a delight and a perfect addition to our family. I so so so enjoyed celebrating him this weekend! 

So here is to the Year of Top Sheets!
 Loving housework and enjoying guilt free time with my kids :) I can't wait!


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  1. Love it! I should have the same resolution but I'm gonna hold onto childhood for another year. Don't tell mum. Lol. Very proud of you!