Saturday, 9 March 2013

I Heart Huia

 I have been feeling beyond frustrated lately. For as good as things are when they are good, once they start spiraling out of control they are bad, very bad!

We were lucky enough to enjoy the best family holiday we have had yet with some dear friends this time last month (wow I can't believe it was really a month ago!). Quality time is a good thing all round. Prior to leaving we had a good groove going, the 'Year of the Top Sheets' was in full swing and every one so excited to head off camping for a week of blissfully indulgent beach time. We went, loved it, came back, and then out of nowhere it hit me... Morning Kindy...

I spent so long looking forward to Morning Kindy. It was going to bring with it all things good and fabulous, quality time for Big L, quality time for the Twins. It was going to put an end to the hideous Afternoon Kindy and its crazy routine. For the most part Morning Kindy has kept its side of the bargain and I am enjoying most things good and fabulous. But man oh man...

Three pre-schoolers + One COMPLETELY not a morning person Mummy + 
have to be out the door my 8:15am = ouch! 

Basically nothing gets done apart from me barely dressing the kids and myself, breakfast, grabbing what is needed for the morning and heading out. Generally everyone enjoys a fabulous morning, but the second I pick Big L up the dread inside me starts building. Eventually we will have to go home... and it is a tip. UGH.
And seeing as my kids' ability to play completely by themselves, stay kind to each other and be contructive seems to rapidly dimish post lunchtime, the stretch to the return of the Marvelous N at the end of the day tends to be made up with naps, playdates, and beach time...

So weekends and Spare Moments have largely been taken up with doing the General Jobs. There has been no Hooky Time, no Exercise, nothing Creative and I have not even managed to do any work for my Shop since our return from holiday. I am frustrated and my hands are itching to make something! I am dying for some balance... I want, no I NEED my Hooky time back! I am one tense and snappy mamma!

So here is what I did this Morning. It makes no sense. It sure did nothing to help with the house work stress levels but it felt good. Instead of making the boring porridge or wheatbix and then forcing the kids to eat it, I made pancakes, chucked a few things in a bag and off we went while N had a much needed sleep in.

5mins down the road and we were at the beach/playground. Fresh morning air. The Rascally Ones gobbled up the pancakes without a fuss and ran off to play. And I sat, drank coffee and shouted random encouraging phrases in the direction of the playground.

When the Rascals had their fill of pancakes and the playground we went and picked up N and headed off to one of my favourite places, Huia. More specifically The Huia Foodstore and their Divine Coffee. 

I didn't even mind that the Rascals were getting into the sachets of sugar like a bunch of coke addicts, rubbing it into their teeth, aahhhh....

 We played tennis and frisbee on the beach, swam and played in the sand. Enjoyed the company of a friendly dog. Laughed and Played.
 N was happy. 
The Rascals were happy. 
The morning did nothing to relieve the pressure that I feel at home, but today it was the right thing for my soul. 

I heart Huia


  1. Amazing writing, glad you had a nice morning - reminds me to do 'soul' stuff too. Blessings to you and yours.

  2. Sounds like an amazing morning - good on you Mama for making it happen! Be easy on yourself - it's hard to get into a new routine. Soon you'll figure out ways to make kindy mornings go smoothly and things will get easier. Some of the things I do that help us on a kindy morning is having all our clothes ready to go the night before, toast for breakfast, meaning they can finish in the car if they need to, and kindy bag all ready to go, so that all we need to do in the morning is get out of bed (the hardest part!), put on clothes, eat and go. Also, then I have to be disciplined enough to do a quick tidy up when we get home, or after lunch... You are a wonderful Mama, I know it, I can see it. These pre-school times are beyond intense, but we are living the 'good old days'! Remember that in such a short time, you will (somehow!) miss these years. Keep your chin up, friend. (Spoken as someone who knows exactly how it feels to be overwhelmed by small children and life in general!)

  3. Love it! I did the same thing yesterday. Had a tonne that I could have done, but instead just chilled out and enjoyed a day of shopping. Mid you,I didn't actually buy anything, but it was good to get out of the house. Love you my beautiful oldest sister. =)