Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Some days

Today has been a complete write off. I engaged in some of the worst parenting. I yelled. And yelled. And it accomplished nothing. Apart from breaking down my kids' self esteem. I feel over worked and under appreciated. I guess that is the root of it all. Can hardly blame a 5 year old and a couple of 3 year olds tho can I? Righto something has to give.

So after the school run I decided to 'restart' the day. I was kind to myself and drove to school (it would only have made things worse if I had to jolly along the Wee Rascals to school on foot). Cut up lots of fresh fruit for afternoon tea (gave up on making Little L eat his lunch, it had been 4 hours and we were both just unhappy, so I threw it in the bin), and did lots of 'mummy on the floor playing'. We put on some tunes. We sprawled out in the sun and did some drawing. We built puzzles. We built a eyeball monster factory out of lego. We made some jewelry. And to my surprise slowly, ever so slowly my mood started lifting, even if I had to suppress my Grumpy Mummy Voice at times. My kids are quite fun. Even if they have selective hearing.

The house work is not done. Emails went unanswered. Homework is not done. I just dont care.  We had fun. Little S planned her wedding, with all appropriate jewelry now having been made. Quick lets find a dress! And what about the hair? But who will she marry? Her best friend Natey is not here, Big L will do. Find some music! Rings exchanged. It is done. An afternoon of innocent jewelry making has turned into incest. Not sure how that happened. But feeling a bit more jovial now as they settle in for the evening.

Tomorrow is another day.

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  1. From jewellery making to law breaking, love it!