Sunday, 3 August 2014

Two Friends, a Bottle of Wine and a Gun Stapler

About 3 years ago now we moved into our house and we couldn't be happier. We have a beautiful home filled with love but the best part of our home is what is across the road, my Bestie :) For the past 3 year we have had a standing date on a Thursday night, Kids Dinner Night. We take turns at cooking for the kids and alternate which house the madness takes place at. We share several cups of tea and more often than not wash it all down with a Glass of Wine - ahhhh how much more bearable this whole mothering business is when you have good company :)

This Thursday however was a first, we decided to mix in a spot of renovation. So having been to the fabric shop earlier in the day and now armed with a staple gun we tackled my dining room chairs. What fun! The fabric is perhaps not my dream fabric but it is 'spill proof' which I figured is much more essential with my Three Rascals. So my dream fabric can wait a couple more years in exchange for easy cleaning :) So, are you ready for the before and after pictures? Here we go....

And after a couple of crazies were let loose with a gun stapler....

 I love it! It has to be one of the fastest 'do ups' I have ever done! I am pleased to see the end of those grubby covers and welcome with open arms my new easier to clean chairs :) 

Yay for a Partner in Crime, Wine and a Gun Stapler! 


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