Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Could the holidays get any better?

I LOVE school holidays. I love getting my rascals all to myself and going on adventures. Today was exactly that! Quality time and adventure :) Combined with some solid company! 

Give us a beach any day! We hit our favourite spot, Huia.
Fabulous biking and beach play and the coffee/ice cream is amazing so there is great incentive to play hard! We went on a crab hunt, we made 'families' in the sand, we biked around the dam, we stopped for many snack breaks, we hunted for treasure, played football, and just generally had a great day!
I am often these days just blown away by what good company my rascals have become :)

 Little L devouring an ice cream!

 Big L, one happy little guy- ice cream, football and a dog!

 My most divinely beautiful baby girl! 


And then we ended our day with an easy dinner on the deck out in the sunshine.
 N even came home early! YAY! 

Perfect end to a perfect day! 

I am Lucky 

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  1. Looks like a stunner of a day and the perfect school holidays day! Fun! x