Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Tick Tock

Today I engaged in two main activities, sorting out clothes that my ever growing children can no longer fit and helping Little L and Little S to fill out their birthday invites. 

My babies are turning 4 in a couple of weeks and I am so not ready! This year they wanted separate invites (Princesses and Spiderman) and wanted to be able to give them to people themselves. They have taken great pride in deciding on the friends to invite, making their lists and hand delivering the invites either to the person or the mail man. It has also been the first time they have insisted on not being treated as 'one'. And even though it was one of my main aims from the start to encourage their individuality, I feel a bit sad. They are just growing up so fast. 

Just look at these delicious bundles I brought home! This is the only way they would sleep for months and I am pleased that they still love each other this much.

Big L on the other hand is not slowing down either. Almost through his first year at school, I cannot believe how much he has learned in a year! He is finding things that he is good at and loves, gymnastics for one, he is a real monkey! And most noticeably has been the physical changes. His feet are huge, arms and legs dangly, and his shoulders just that bit broader. Where has this year gone!? 

He was my first baby love, picture perfect and the start of a great adventure.

I have a heavy heart tonight, time is moving so fast. But I am also incredibly proud. This photo represents both the hardest thing I have ever done and the very best thing I have ever done. I am just so lucky to be on this ride. 


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  1. Oh those baby photo's.... heartmelt... :) Parenting eh? The hardest and best thing without a doubt - you're a great Mama with adorable kidlets xx