Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Blanket Love Complete :)

 It is done... Blanket Love is finished and beautiful. N and I even slept snugly beneath it last night :)

I have so thouroughly enjoyed this project, every line has been bliss. And considering that I don't have much staying power when it comes to larger projects that sure is saying alot! 

This blanket was inspired by a gorgeous Mixed Striped Blanket by Jules at Little Woolie. I wish I was not so timid with colour as I think her blanket is just amazing! I long to experiment with color in such a way. It is vibrant and cosy and friendly- I just love it! 

So yes I have a few regrets when it comes to this blanket:
I wish I was brave when it came to choosing the colours
I wish I didnt use any acrylic even if the colour was perfect
I wish I had made it just slightly bigger- I really wish it fitted our bed properly

Oh well, live and learn.

At first I felt a wee bit shy about making a blanket, it just somehow doesn't seem very 'cool'. 
But the end result has helped me to come out of the closet and embrace my inner grandma- I love making blankets! And by the time I actually AM a grandma my family will thank me for it because I will be VERY good at it by then.

Here is to many more fabulous blankets!


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