Sunday, 30 September 2012

Forced Family Fun :)

 Despite really having looked forward to this past weekend when it finally arrived I found myself just a bit too tired and warn out to really enjoy it. I wanted to play with the kids but couldnt really keep up with them. I just somehow could not get myself to be a pro-active mother. So I decided to start operation 'Forced Family Fun', activities that everyone can enjoy whether they are feeling full of beans or low energy.

So on Saturday night while N swished the kids through the bath I got out a kids movie (The Pirates), made a big bed in the lounge and popped some corn :)

 As a special treat I decided to make caramel popcorn- YUM! As it turns out the Rascals thought it was a bit rubbish to be honest but N and I liked it plenty. The recipe's popped corn to caramel ratio was a bit off though so we had slightly achy jaws from chewing all that caramel- Nothing really to complain about :)

 The kids thought the big bed was a HUGE treat! Everyone promptly brought their blankets and snuggled down to nibble and watch. The movie was perhaps a bit over even Big L's head but the highlight for me was that during the usual 'emo' bit of the movie they played one of my favorite Flight of the Conchords songs 'Not Crying' Woohoo! The down side of the movie was that Big L now permanently speaks like a 'Pirate'- really it just sounds like a really fake american accent. Hope this one passes quickly....

However the thing that the kids enjoyed doing more than watching the Movie was building towers with the pillows and blankets and jumping on them- great energy burner! With only a few tears now and then...

I particularly liked the quite moments when the rascals would come and give me a cuddle- they really are such sweet kids :) 

The next morning the sun was shining and they day Glorious so we headed down to the beach. I love the fact that it is starting to get warmer and we are slowly needing less jackets and waterproof gear down on the beach. The Rascals dug holes, swam in the river, floated leaves, threw shells off the little bridge, explored the sea water and picked flowers. They were so wonderfully independent in their play that N and I got a chance to sit on the beach and soak in the warm sun and even chat to each other- what a treat! 

My Rascals can spend hours in this little river by the sea, I imagine that this will become a daily destination for us this summer :)

The sea allows just the perfect amount of water into the river so that it is not too intimidating to swim in for them and is a great source of water for the many pools that they build on the beach. 

Every time we go down to the beach I am in awe of the amazing landscape around us and I always wonder why it took us so long to move here. This is my home- I love it. 

And look at this delicious photo! Those squidgy little kids legs covered in sea sand, dangling in the sun as they demolish their morning tea. To me it just screams summer! I cannot wait! Come on summer we are ready! 

In the end the weekend was rescued. 
I think as a parent it is so essential to have a couple of activities up your sleeve like this, where despite your energy levels you can still enjoy your kids. 

We are lucky to live where we do
We are lucky to have each other 
I would change neither of those things... ever...


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