Friday, 7 September 2012

The saying that good friends are hard to find is just not that true for me... I have a goody just across the road! After a long week with Little L recovering our household (mostly me) was starting to feel a wee bit fragile. So when my Bestie popped over and asked if she could take Little S and Big L on a Bush walk I jumped at the opportunity! They had a fabulous time and returned Very ready for a snooze- Bliss!

 Little L and I on the other hand took the opportunity to me:walk/him:being pushed on the trike down to the supermarket for a couple of things. It has been the easiest to keep him happy like this- using distraction. It was a slow walk because he wanted to hop off constantly and pick me flowers- something I can live with :)

I have had so many offers for play dates since the arrival of the twins yet have never taken anyone up on the offer until now. I should trust people mean it when they offer.

Feeling very blessed.


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