Tuesday, 14 February 2012

I live to create

I am lucky enough to have three beautiful children and in the process have completely lost my marbles. This has been partly due to post natal depression after the birth of my twins, but mostly due to coming to terms with and understanding what it means to be a mother and to live my life wholeheartedly for my children. I love being a stay at home mum (much more than I ever thought I would- I was skeptical at best from the outset), but I still want an identity.

In my search to collect my marbles and become my former well balanced self I have discovered an absolute love for creating. I want to make make make! I have revisited my sewing skills, as well as taught myself to knit and to crochet (cheers youtube!). And as a result I have found a way to retain a little bit of who I am, even if it is with smeared crackers on my shirt and an unidentifiable child related mess in my hair.

I live to create! Join me on my journey :)


  1. To create with and for your children is one of the most enjoyable things a parent can do. Enjoy, and remember that you are wonderful

  2. I love you so much... <3 I'll be glad to support the search for your marbles.... (check a diaper or two and see if the kids haven't pooped it out) ;)Keep creating! It's wonderful to watch. I'm so proud of you!