Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Perfect little shrug

Today I had to opportunity to enjoy one of my first knitting projects on my little lady. It is the prefect little shrug for the perfect little girl :) And an awesome pattern for a beginner learning to knit in the round. This was one of my first discoveries on (a website that has revolutionized my life!).

Here is the pattern that I used:

I hope to make many more of these before my knitting career comes to an end :)


  1. I love this sweater! You are so amazingly talented and wonderful.... I can't wait till I get to see these in person. <3 Much love! <3 - Hannah

  2. Well I thought that was superdupercute when I assumed it was from a shop - now I know it is superdupercuteBRILLIANT!

  3. Too much talent if you ask me!