Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Little L

Little L, my Little Boy Love. The Rascaliest Rascal that ever lived. He spends his days finding sneaky places to hide, forever testing the boundaries of what spaces he can manage to fit his head into :) As well as how close he can bring his mother to a heart attack Im sure!

A few things Little L has accomplished:
* Leave Mainly Music in the basket of another lady's pram
* Be shut in the dishwasher by Little S- although I am sure he climbed in willingly
* Create a Little L sized shape in one of the Hedges- he likes to sit there with only his feet exposed!
* Have a little break from his siblings tucked in behind the books in the bookshelf
* Create a perfect little playing space in Big L's cupboard
* Climb the big bookshelf like a ladder to play with the CD player- Eeeek! I just thought the CD was skipping!
* He spends his time at playgroup each week inside the toy washing machine
* Got his head wedged in a sliding door at a friend's house- hard to explain but scary all the same!
* Been trapped behind pretty much every couch he has ever met :)

I am sure the list will only continue to grow but glad that he has the right kind of cheeky smile to get him out of every tricky situation. He really is the Rascalliest Rascal.  Even as a wee baby!

When I first found out that I was expecting twins it was only early days (5weeks pregnant) and I was warned about Vanishing Twin Syndrome and to prepare myself as it is quite common. But although in my wildest dreams I never wanted twins, once I was told that I had two babies and one might simply disappear I wanted that extra baby like I couldn't explain. I knew without that extra baby my life would never be the same again. But as much as I wanted that extra baby there was not a second that I did not feel completely overwhelmed in my pregnancy. This has pretty much constantly been the dynamic of my relationship with Little L. I want him, I couldn't live without him, but I am overwhelmed with the hard work that he has been. Nothing has come easy with him. He has spent a lot of time being unwell and I have seen more of hospitals since his arrival than I have ever previously. But I am lucky to have him. I couldn't be without him. And this drives me.

So as we prepare for a hospital stint tomorrow I have a heavy heart but also a hopeful heart as he will hopefully be feeling SOOO much better. I pray for his well being, talented doctors, and a speedy recovery. He is so little but I imagine I would feel like that even if he was 30. Forever my baby. So I am packing books and toys to entertain him. And yarn to make something for him :)

Big L and Little S will be spending a few days with my parents- a very exciting prospect for them indeed! I think I feel the most nervous about separating Little L and Little S for the first time than  they do! I hope Little S will cope without her friend!

                                       Little L and Little S-  BFFs. They sure make a fun pair!

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  1. Oh girl, tough stuff. I will be praying with you for sure. Keep us updated?