Wednesday, 15 August 2012


Hellooo! It has been a while, I would like to say that is due to me taking some time to rethink my priorities, which was my intention, instead I shamelessly and completely got hijacked by the Olympics. I have particularly loved having the Little Rascals watch with me as they got right into it! Weightlifting (!!!!) has been the big hit, we have had many weightlifting competitions instigated by Big L.

I have also spent a lot of time running, thinking about running, thinking about not running, being scared of the half marathon, nursing a sore knee, and then running some more... Still feel my stomach drop when I think about what is ahead. What was I thinking!? Hopefully a tick off on the bucket list :) This week I am heading into a full on 9/10 weeks out training schedule... wish me luck! Please!

I have also been frantically hooking, knitting, and painting in anticipation of various birthdays coming up (my Littlest Rascals included- eeek! Can't believe they will be 2 soon!) and of course Christmas in hope to not be a complete nut job around Christmas time and actually being able to enjoy some time with my Far Away Sister and the Rascals :)

I also managed to sneak away for a first ever completely frivolous, self indulgent, vino filled girls weekend away! And it was amazing :) We ate good food, visited markets,crafted and gossiped- Bliss! And even indulged in a spot of Stitchopoly for a laugh :)

While there have been many good things in the past month I have found myself feeling heavy and weighted down with the load of every day life and Three Small Rascals. I have had to work a bit harder than normal to turn my frown upside down :) So it was a relief to see some hints of spring while at my Parents house in the weekend :) Great bike ride with the kids, flowers galore and some fantastic sunny spots to soak up the sun, a good run, and a bit of hooky work.

I look forward to in a few weeks being able to go down and perhaps see these Gorgeous Blossoms in action :)

As always I have had made time for my Blanket Love <3 I am nearing the end now, sadly. I have never SO thoroughly enjoyed a project- every line has been absolute bliss. It will be hard to replace this project with an equally lovable one :)

I have also been working on a Cute Flowery project for the dining room table- I saw this pattern and just had to have it! Stay tuned I think it will be a goodie!

And finally I was so excited to finally be able to cast on one of my first projects from this delightful Debbie Bliss book (I ADORE it!) So many good things in there- I just haven't known where to start! It is looking SO Pretty/Funky- the colour combo is just right. It is for a pressie tho so therefore is Secret Squirrel Business for a little while yet!

Excited to have so many creative things going on at the moment, just hoping for a wee bit more energy for all the Regular Ole Stuff and for a Happier Knee...

Hope you are all smiling :)


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  1. You are amazing! I love keeping track of your creativity! <3