Monday, 27 August 2012

 The second I saw these I knew my week was suddenly looking up, despite it already being Friday :) Thursday had left me with this awful *kicked in the teeth* feeling so when I saw these I snapped them up quick like a bunny. They are perfect for my collection and their bright flowery faces were just what I needed. I successfully fought off little hands dying to have a go all the way home (I felt a wee bit silly for not wanting the Rascals to actively adore my treasures as I did buy them in the kids section but surely I am allowed a few guilty pleasures in life). They fit perfectly with their friends :)

These friendly additions to my treasure collecting set a wonderful tone for the afternoon. Post shopping the Rascals and I continued on to have a picnic lunch with N much to everyone's delight. There is a great wee duck pond which Little L promptly decided was a fab swimming spot :) After much watery picnic delight and nervous gasps from N and I, the Rascals and I then continued on to Hamilton and left N behind for the weekend to study.

As I started the journey with the Three Rascals and knowingly leaving N behind I felt a familiar stress/sadness creeping in. But the drive was actually great! The Rascals exhausted from their watery picnic slept the whole way and I had a chance to listen to some music and ponder and reflect on a bit of an overwhelming week, and by the time we arrived I felt like I had time to process things and get my game face on :)

As we drove down the driveway I noticed that just as I had predicted last visit the blossoms were out to greet us and as we got out the car the sun felt warm. So much so that the Two Little Rascals did not want a bar of putting on pants (the old ones had to be removed due to the watery picnic) which suited me just fine as I happen to think that Gumboots and Bare Legs is just about the cutest look on toddlers ever! Their snazzy possum vests topped the look off perfectly!  

 The Rascals raced around looking for chickens, building sandcastles, playing on the slide, and running up and down the hills. They searched through the vege patch and fruit trees to see what was on offer and of course greeted the Scare Crow :) I happily pottered around after them and soaked up the sun :) Before we knew it we had been there for and hour and a half and not yet made it indoors!

Afternoons like these it really is not bad being a stay at home mummy :)

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