Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Introducing Snaky Poo

As the weather gets colder and colder I have resented sharing my wheaty bag with Big L more and more, so I came up with a solution! One afternoon while the Rascals were asleep I pulled out some scrap bits of material and thanked my Lucky Stars that I bought an extra bag of brown rice at the supermarket that week :) I then set to work creating a Warm and Snuggly Friend for Big L.

            Snip snip, sew sew and a bit of rice and I had made Big L his very own Snake Wheaty Bag!

When Big L woke from his nap and spotted the snake he was overjoyed! He exclaimed "is this for ME!?" which was then followed by many Thank Yous and Kisses and his decision to name him Snaky Poo :) Sweet Boy :) I was so stoked all evening to see him cuddling Snaky Poo and giving him the odd Sneaky Kiss here and there... since then no bed time has been complete without Snaky Poo..

Hour well spent making Snaky Poo I think :)



  1. fantastic idea! and sooo cute! well done!

  2. Snaky Poo's cousin Crappy Crab is pretty awesome too :)