Thursday, 14 June 2012

I've been Gardening...

The last couple of days the weather here has been Absolutely Divine :) The kind where the sky seems to go on forever and the winter sun is Toasty Warm. Unfortunately my Wee Rascally Ones have still been a bit unwell but today on the second day of stunning weather I could feel the Haze of Sick Babes slowly start to lift :) So naturally I decided to throw caution to the wind and wholeheartedly indulge in a spot of gardening while The Rascals had a nap :)

Now seeing as it is me by 'Gardening' centered around crochet far more than getting some dirt under my fingernails, although the first part did involve and ACTUAL plant! A while ago I found a sweet little light blue metal bucket that was destined for my kitchen window sill with the hope of one day housing a mint plant. I ADORE cooking with mint and even more so ADORE the smell of Fresh Mint in a kitchen :) So the first part of my 'Gardening' literally involved taking a mint plant and plonking it in its Darling New Buckety Home.

TA DAH! Minty Freshness... Now lets see how long it will stay alive!

The second part of my 'Gardening' was the opportunity to explore my idea of Miniature Gardens a little more. AKA Hooky Time! The idea of a Little Pot of Daisies has been forming in my mind and here was my chance... go go go! So I scuttled off to find my Hook and the right Yarn (I had already prepared the little wooden box on an earlier occasion). And the journey started...

                                The Perfect little friend for my little Daffodil :) Smiles all round...

I wonder if tomorrow will be Beautiful again? I would love to do some more gardening :)


  1. Oh I love the little daisies!!! and love your gardening!

  2. The daisies are adorable! You must looove them!

    I'm sure the mint will survive, how could it not, in that bucket :)