Monday, 11 June 2012

My First Baby Love

I had such great hopes for the weekend. A sleep in, cups of coffee, precious hooky time with my Blanket Love, time with my Darling Sister and her Other Half just returned from her overseas travels, some chatting with my very special Mamma and Pappa, watching my Little Rascally Ones stumbling about in their gumboots and overalls, endless swings on the swing... Alas none of this was to be... N, Big L, Little Sand I all got hit my a nasty tummy bug... Sigh... I was thankful to have my Mamma and Pappa there to help with the vast amount of washing we managed to create and to care for us. And I was surprised that although I briefly felt disappointed  that my Weekend Dreams didn't come true, I did manage to find some special and quality time with My First Baby Love - Big L. (I am hoping that this is a small sign that I'm having to work less to find the good and perhaps might be one the mending path from my PND)

My First Baby Love...

I still remember exactly what he looked like the moment he was handed to me for the first time. Just thinking about That Moment my heart feels like it will explode and I know that I will never forget it. When Big L was wee the cuddle time was boundless, but I did LOVE when the shift happened and he started to also CHOOSE to cuddle ME! ME! Lucky lucky lucky is all I can say. Initially the sweet/soft/new smell of My First Baby Love, then having those Chubby Toddler Arms THROWN around me... Bliss :) Although now in the grand scheme of things he is still so little he sure has become independent :) The cuddle time is less, and occasionally just a touch manipulative, because it might just be the trick to get him that little thing his heart desires that is out of his reach, but still sweet and kind. At the moment I ADORE it when he exclaims "I LOVE it!" Whatever that might be :) It makes my heart soar and I feel a small sense of triumph. I want him to Love and be Loved.

But turns out that Mister Independent still needs his Mummy when he is sick :) YAY for me! Cuddles Cuddles Cuddles! One of the big highs of my life was the many naps (although sick and yucky feeling) Big L and I shared together this past weekend. Feeling his warm body snuggle into me, hearing his soft breathing, getting a chance to admire his soft skin and long eyelashes... DIVINE... I do really love this little man :)

Today as a reward for surviving the weekend and considering everyone was still pretty low energy, we treated ourselves to a Pajama Day! We noodled around doing not much of anything, just playing. And as a Special Treat for myself while the Rascally Ones were resting I snuggled up on the bed with my Blanket Love. I LOVE the way it is coming along... And it is proving to be exactly the' increasing in cozy and warm project' that I imagined that it would be... Ahhhhh... A bit of Hooky Time and all is right in the world again :)

Now tomorrow we shall put on our Game faces and rejoin the world.
Thankful for finally healthy Rascals again, and loving family.
A bit of quiet time.
Creative Space.

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