Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Worst Shopping Trip EVER!

If I could give up one of my weekly tasks it would be grocery shopping- HANDS DOWN! As I am blessed with Good Little Rascals it usually goes alright, but not today... The Rascally Ones were easily distracted but when we reached the checkout I realised that the dish washing liquid had poured all through the shopping :( IT WAS EVERYWHERE! I had to pull everything out and wipe it down, rebag the fruit and veg that would still be ok to eat and redo half of my shopping again... Then Little S made a grab for the eggs...
By the time we left we were all covered in egg and dish washing liquid... and it was only 10am... atleast there would be time for the day to get better right?

The best thing to come out of the shop though was that the cheapest tissues were the cutest... I ADORE this box... I am a total sucker for happy colourful flags... I wanted to sail away on one of these delightful boats...

Yay for cheap and happy tissues!



  1. lol Catrien! that sounds like an epic fail of a shopping trip... but i do adore that cute tissue box, bought one myself just like it a couple of hours ago! xo

  2. You should've abandoned that trolley, gone home and tried again another day!