Thursday, 19 April 2012

Autumn/Heavenly/Deliciousness Take Two

After spending such a glorious autumn day noodling around at home yesterday we decided today to head out into the world and explore :) But instead of heading out to our usual/local French Bay we decided to venture out and try something new: Cornwallis beach! 10 min drive from our place and a glorious spot!

Clear blue skies, blue water, and warm sea salty air, with a splash of that typical idyllic NZ beach side beauty :)

There was plenty to do for the rascally ones as they explored the beach, fed the birds and climbed the trees :) Big L even got so inspired that he got his kit off and went for a swim "like an eel!" Little L far preferred exploring the trees and picnic tables on his own as per usual and Little S and I 'baked' one birthday cake after the other :)

Although black sea sand is not my favourite, it could not spoil such a fun morning with my little rascallies :) The amount of time it will take to scrub the black sand out of my very blond children's hair however.... I will have to report back.

I have found new inspiration today to make an effort to continue to explore our new surroundings- how lucky are we!


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