Sunday, 1 April 2012

Near 'successes'...

Currently suffering from having too many ideas, which in itself is not a bad thing... but the few that I have tried lately are shall I say, yet to be successful :)

We have gorgeous wooden floors in our home but in winter they do tend to get a bit chilly. And with the combination of winter approaching (YAY! I loooove winter!) and having some gorgeous bamboo yarn I decided to try my hand at pattern writing and to make some great little girly slippers for myself. Pattern making was great! Love the cute slippers and they are very comfy :) Not so great was thinking that I had bought two balls of the yarn when in fact I had only bought one... therefore I only have one great/cute/girly/comfy/warm slipper- not so great... This project is going in the too depressed to think about it at the moment pile...

Then slippers strike again! N's birthday is coming up and he requested a handmade present. After much looking/thinking I decided on slippers, due to again the combination of winter (YAY!) and wooden floors. Found a pattern, yarn and set to work. Currently on my third try at getting the size right- grrr! Turns out N's feet are a lot bigger than I thought... Anyway finally think that I have the sizing right and with only two days to go he might well have a present after all. Love the yarn... very N.

But on the up side look at these goodies! Big L is about to get a life lesson in delayed reward, ie. sticker charts! Yes, I sure know how to sniff out a crafting opportunity. So imagine these goodies turning into a fabulous sticker chart, full of my expectations of Big L as well as a lot of fantastic sticker reward opportunity for Big L!

And in big weekend news. It is that time of year where the Waikato is filled with gorgeous hot air balloons! So on Saturday morning when we first spotted them Big L noticed a kangaroo hot air balloon! Im sure that is also what Little L and Little S were trying to communicate with their crazy squealing :) So we hopped in the car in our pj's and chased down the kangaroo, made for some fabulous conversation in the car about the BIG CHASE! And here are our result- young and old were delighted! 


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