Friday, 27 April 2012


All three of my Little Rascally Ones (as well as N and I) have been under the weather this past week but despite this I have managed to steal snippets of time to do a bit of creating :) SO many Hooky/Knitty/Happy projects that I am working on at the moment :) Feeling pulled in many directions but enjoying the flood of creativity!

I have made a start on the ballerina jersey for Little S. Loving the colour, the feel of the wool, but nervous. Even though I knitted shirts for the Little Rascallies for Christmas for some reason this feels like the first REAL garment- with long sleeves and everything! Fingers crossed that it fits! EEEk!

I have also made a start on slippers for the Two Wee Babes. The yarn was an absolute steal at a local Emporium :) It feels divine and the colour is so rich- I just cant get enough of it! I saw this pattern and fell in love, I just knew that the Wee Babes NEEDED some! I just need to find the perfect buttons to go with it- I don't want something plastic, probably a beautiful big wooden button would be just right :) The pics look a bit rough, still have lots of ends to weave in, but I think they will be cute :) I kept having to measure and re-measure Little S's feet- I know the measurements are right but they feel so huge! When did my baby girl get so BIG!

But despite obviously being kept busy with lots of busy/happy little projects, I really am dreaming about this! I have spent what feels like hours on this website browsing yarn... looking... dreaming... salivating... {Note to self must make a bib for yarn browsing} I eventually convinced myself that now is not the time, I have many projects on the go but my mind and dreams are slow to follow....

Happy/Hooky/Knitty Blessings

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  1. ooo so jealous! you are amazing!!! good luck! xxx