Sunday, 8 April 2012

Happy Easter!

Easter this year has been a treat from beginning to end! Complete with a Easter egg hunt for the Little People. Big L was a bit confused about the bunnies and the eggs and kept inquiring about where the chickens were... however confusion disappeared completely once he realised there was chocolate involved!

I do feel like I have been struggling slightly to get to the true meaning of Easter this year. I was remembering today filling in a job application when I was 16 or so at a local grocery shop for my first job, and while I can't remember the question I can remember writing something along the lines of ' I want to honour Christ in everything I do'. Oh how innocent I was. I know that Easter is the BIG one, the reason that I believe, the event that proved that Jesus was the real deal, yet I have never felt further from this truth than I do at the moment. I really do hope that this will change. But it doesn't mean that Easter has been a complete write off this year. This weekend has been filled with love, family, laughter, fun quality time with myself as well as others, particularly some special self indulgent hooky time! What a treat!

I found this pattern a little while ago and it has been swimming around in my head- developing... developing! African hexagon flower! And as an extra special eastery treat the pattern is written in Afrikaans :) It has been a long time since I have had the opportunity to read Afrikaans, which along with finding the crochet baptismal dress that my Ouma made me in a box of hidden treasures, made for a blast from the past! 

So while the kiddies were having a fabulous time in the outdoors I settled down in a little comfy/sunny hooky spot :) Complete with beautiful views! Aren't my parents lucky to see this everyday!

Here is a little preview of what I am making with this beautiful flower :) Isn't it so pretty! It is such a happy pattern and I am completely in love with the colours. I found myself laying them all out on several occasions just to admire them- love love love! Thanks to the Small Adoring Fans for helping me count :)

However now that we are home I will have to temporarily have to put these beauties to the side :( But lucky lucky me, I have returned home with only one child! My darling parents are having the two little rascally ones to stay for a few nights! Wooohoooo! So I am aiming that upon their return I will have organised cupboards, a clean house, jobs ticked off the to do list, and my work space properly set up, as well as fitting in a few fun train trips with Big L.

But before any of that can start some garden fun tomorrow! I am feeling so so so excited by all the exciting and creative things that are happening in our garden at the moment. As usual N is doing all the hard work really while I dream dream dream of the colourful, flower filled end product. I think he mildly resents my big dreams with not enough practical application :) You should have seen his eyes roll when I excitedly told him about my plans for a beautiful cape cod chair under the big macadamia tree creating the perfect knitting/crochet spot... Ha he wont have time to roll his eyes so much when he is building me that chair!


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  1. These flowers look like adorable plates :)