Thursday, 12 April 2012

Saving Grace

Sandwiches, sandwiches, sandwiches... everyday! That is a bit what my life feels like at the moment. Weekdays, weekends and holidays are the same, the kid's needs are so constant. Housework never ends. Do I sound enough like a winging housewife? In attempt to curb this behaviour I decided to fix something that really gets to me every day.

When I walk down the hallway to the kitchen in the mornings the first thing I see is the space above the fridge, which is a notorious dumping ground for everyone. Being a lady that likes order and neatness it immediately makes me feel like I am not on top of things. So I decided to fix it once and for all- and I am so proud/happy/delighted with the result. The colours are perfect together creating a sweet/happy/light picture for me when I walk into the kitchen in the mornings now- yay!

The windmills are just perfect/bright/loving and this space now houses some of my most treasured items, my cook books :)

I wouldn't dare show photos of what the rest of the house looks like but this sure is a picture perfect saving grace don't you think?



  1. <3 this space of yours and you of course!xxx

  2. Looks beautiful and stylish and very ordered and organised and happy!

  3. Tried to write a comment from my phone but was thwarted repeatedly! I think this is a great idea and wonder if I could subcontract turning our dining room table into a giant display space to you, since that gets used a large dumping ground...