Monday, 28 May 2012

Blanket dreaming...

 For months now my mind has been taken over by the idea of making a cozy crochet blanket to sit under during the cold winter months. The idea of a growing blanket on my knees at night while I crochet keeping me toasty has consumed me. So OF COURSE I decided to feed this obsession by spending my every spare moment looking at patterns, saving my pennies, looking for yarn and counting down the days until I could make a start.... lucky me TODAY was that day!

The colours that I settled on surprised me somewhat. I played with the combination last week and while I thought at the outset that I  would do something vibrant and bright, somehow these colours felt like exactly what I wanted. Warm, cozy, chocolatey and I love the way the white really pops! 

The second the Three Rascally Ones heads hit their pillows this afternoon I set to work. I got out the felt tip and try to match the colours the best I could and mocked up a chart. I felt giddy with excitement as I watched my plan unfold. Ooooooh SO pretty! 

And I even had a chance to set to work and complete the first line before my creative window slammed
shut :) 

A long awaited creative moment. Bliss.