Wednesday, 23 May 2012


I have felt a wee bit frustrated today that I have had SO little creative time recently. N has gone overseas for work (5 nights down, 11 to go!) and so I am spending my time mothering and spent my time prior to his leaving preparing for him leaving, all of which combined sadly does not leave a lot of time for my creative outlets...

So in effort today to improve my attitude I embraced the fact that I had little to no time for making anything but did steal pockets of time to think about and appreciate the GOOD.

1. A clear blue sky/ Stunning winters day. I spent much of today outside soaking up the sun and warmth with my Little Rascally Ones :)

2.  Waterproof overalls. The Rascals were clawing at the door to get out this morning but the grass was still wet out and it didn't matter. Everyone was toasty and dry :)

3. Opening the back door I spotted Chief L's jandals left behind after her visit. And I was again thankful for the fact that she doesn't mind rolling up her sleeves and getting stuck in when she is here, whether it is with grandparent loving or hanging out washing :)

4. Clothes drying in the warm winter sun rather than the dryer :)

5. Home made soup and homemade bread for lunch, neither made by me which makes it all the more a treat!

6. Good fun/easy entertainment. It never ceases to amaze me that bubbles can provide such extended fun for the Rascals. Big L is turning into an expert bubble blower!

7. These slippers were so tricky to make. So many pieces to sew up, something I neither enjoy nor am that wildly good at! I am so pleased that Little L just ADORES these! My heart melts every time catch him walking around staring at his feet :)

8. Watching Little L and Little S exploring the garden with a doll stroller. They spent much of the time transporting leaves around and each other! Little Darlings they are :)

9. A lovely friend coming round with takeaways! The Rascally Ones gobbled it up and I got to spend a few minutes with my kind friend :)

Well that is not bad for a days work :)

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  1. Sounds like a great day's work to me! I think I would move in with my Mum if my husband went away for two weeks - you're doing an amazing job! xxx