Monday, 14 May 2012

Rainbow Suprise :)

After a rather full on morning with the Three Rascally Ones dodging rain and playing our hearts out at playgroup, I managed the kindy drop and by the time I got home Little S and Little L were in the throws of some spectacular meltdowns. So quick like a bunny I made bottles changed nappies and got them to bed. I could literally feel the crazy energy leave the house and welcomed the calm. Just then another big down pour started, so I made a mad dash to the letterbox to rescue the mail feeling a bit worse for wear, soaked to the bone for the third time this morning. But OH MY! I was warmed to the core when I realised what was waiting for me in the mailbox!

I little while ago I was lucky enough to win some hand dyed yarn- the fancy stuff! And it had ARRIVED! Look at this!

I ripped that package open to find such amazing rainbow deliciousness! The colour is vibrant and fun and very quickly made me forget my woes :)

And then just when I thought it could not get any better :) RAINBOW BUTTONS! OH MY OH MY!

                                   LUCKY LUCKY LUCKY LUCKY LUCKY ME ME ME!
                                                        Thank you Jodulbug Creations!

Find this lady on facebook, admire and buy her fabulous yarn- I certainly am saving my $$$ to be able to add to my stash :)

So with my new treasures tightly gripped I am ready for whatever the afternoon holds.



  1. Oh. My. Goodness. So gorgeous, just right for today :)
    Yarn AND buttons FTW!!!

  2. Our yarn winder arrived, so now we can wind your great score into a cake!