Saturday, 12 May 2012

Auckland Half

According to the website the Auckland Marathon promises to not be 'just a run... but an experience'....
Eeeek! In effort to challenge myself I have signed up for the Auckland Half Marathon and cannot describe in any ladylike language how nervous I feel about it. 

Firstly you should know something about me. Despite over the years trying to convince myself that I enjoy cardio exercise I have come to the conclusion that I don't. I don't get the endorphin high... it just hurts! Perhaps I have never been fit enough to really enjoy it? But as I get older I have realised that I do need to care better for my body and my heart and would like to set a healthy example for my little Rascally Ones regarding exercise. 

168 days 10 hours 10 mins to go
N the resident exercise pro has worked out a program for me and it started this week.
My body is sore.

Here is to hopefully not dying!



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