Wednesday, 2 May 2012

A moment in the sun :)

Despite a somewhat rocky start to the day this afternoon Big L returned from Kindergarten full of beans and Little L and Little S woke from their nap with smiles on their faces :) The sun was shinning and I could literally feel our household breathe a sigh of relief and relax. We have had messy/snotty/coughy/no-fun sickness in our household this last week so this moment was golden. I spotted out of the corner of my eye some yarn that I had gotten out to show someone yesterday and without hesitating I snatched it up, grabbed a hook and headed out to the sun warmed deck.

I got this yarn (100% bamboo) a while ago because it was on a super special ($2!!!!!) and have been itching to get a chance to do something with it to see how it looks. So this combined with some ideas I have for transforming our bedroom I set to work mocking up a flower. And I feel really pleased with how it looks!

For what I have planned I will need to make these in different sizes. This one I imagine will be the medium sized flower. Once I am done I will write up and post the pattern, I doubt it is new/unique but it is a useful/easy flower pattern. I love the way the colours work and the yarn is so amazingly nice to touch :) I enjoyed every minute of my hooky/sun time :)

Now this all sounds very luxurious but I should point out that while I sat there a war raged around me regarding the unfair distribution of teddies. In the process Little S managed to kick over my cup of tea, which Little L proceeded to try and clean with the broom. Nice :) They keep me grounded :)



  1. glad you got some sun and to sit or abit (even with the war lol) xxx your kids are too cute! and the flower looks great :)

  2. I like what the variegated yarn does for the flower :)

    1. I know! It is so pretty :) It makes each petal a diff colour xxx