Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Arty farty weekend

We enjoyed a fantastic weekend away at my parents. The weather was BEAUTIFUL! Not a cloud in the sky and the rascally ones were taken with a bout of contentedness :) Ahhhh bliss! Little S finally had enough adults around her to have a constant reading partner. Big L rode the tractor like a pro, baked and wreaked havoc. And with everyone occupied Little L got to do the thing he loves best, embark on one mischievous exploration after the other. Which left me to my own devices..... :)

Well firstly I got to enjoy some mother/daughter time :) We went to an Art Gallery close by for the 'Happy Days Mixed Media Exhibition' WOW! What amazing artists NZ has! The Manuka Beehive Board Prints by Daniel Kirsch were some of my absolute favourites along with these DARLING little metal and resin hanging dresses by Jo Wilson . Oh how I wish I knew how to whip up some of those!

The main reason for going naturally involved BUNTING! As always :) Beautiful work by Kylie Law a series entitled 'Celebrations' It was a lot darker and 'busy' than I imagined it would be, but I was glad to have gone to see it all the same.

And of course we stopped in for a coffee at the Punnet- yum as always!

As if this was not all enough of a treat I got to spend some time in my mum's art studio developing some ideas that I have been playing around with, mainly 'miniature gardens'. I made a miniature daffodil recently as a present and fell in love with it and have been dreaming about a miniature garden ever since :)

Here is what I have planned.... A four piece installation... and here is the first piece... Not sure if it is finished yet... still dreaming...

Must remember to do some mothering/wife-ing.....



  1. I love your daffodil! What a great idea. Also, that photo of Little S with one of her reading partner's is just lovely. I've been meaning to experiment with taking photos like that - more detail focus rather than always including heads or faces (even if they are really cute!). And you can only do good mothering/wife-ing if you have good human being time too, so don't feel guilty! Have you read The Gypsy Mama blog? She writes beautifully, often straight to my soul! You should check her out too. xxx

  2. It was a lovely weekend, thank you for visiting